Never frozen, always fresh, of the best quality and prepared by our team of in-house butchers, meat is heart of our business. That's why we have our own 3 butchers on the team and they prepare our patties fresh every morning. We do not add any other ingredients in our patties, it's only prime beef. The exact combination of the parts of the beef we use remains our secret. We exclusively use beef from Switzerland.

Finding our bun was our first quest. We went all over town talking to bakers, large and small, to find the one who was willing to work with us and try to create a decent US style bun. Nobody was interested except one guy. Together we developed our own recipe for a bun that is soft and sweet and not to big and has the right texture to hold the juices of aperfectly cooked patty.

Making good fresh French fries is no piece of cake. We use Bintje and Agria potatoes that are harvested in Switzerland. They are finely chopped into french fries, then we fry them a first time in peanut oil and then we fry them again just before we serve them.

When we started with the truck back in the summer of 2012, the only dessert we served was our famous New York Cheesecake. With the opening of our first restaurant, we wanted to offer a few more options so, just like we always do, we turned to our mothers for their recipes. So today, in addition to the Cheesecake, you’ll find an amazing Carrot Cake covered with cream cheese icing, a traditional Brownie served with vanilla ice cream and our delicious apple crumble served with vanilla ice cream as well. All of our desserts are homemade with premium ingredients.